The 'A' (Boritzer) Team preparing for a Flat World

Fly me to the least up to Haleakala
 Moving the Empress from Herzelia to Marmaris
Geriatric Commandos - West Bank
First Halloween in Lahaina
Dancing lessons in Bulgaria
The Couple in Sophia
The TEAM's Soul Mates in wedded bliss at Herzeliya Marina.
"Commander Milli" balancing on the shores of The Bosphorus
Bike, Boat and Beloved in Larnaca
The Professor on Official visit to USA
Springtime in Rockefeller Center
Biker Milli on the Mersin to Sophia route
Some fish are in the sea and some travel in love boats
Doing the seaman "thing" in Kyrenia
Turkish Government photo of Empress Milli's birthday in Kalamis Marina, Istanbul
The Topkapi diamond
Portagee Biking "Family" on Maui
Cyprus high ground
Following the "Love Boat" in Kusadesi
At the Snow Festival with the "Bumble Bee" in Fenerbahce
Empress Milli and her Winter fantasy
With friends in Vitosha
Maui Locals
The magic of Marmaris at sunset
After the storm with friends in K.K.T.C.
Coronation of the Empress in the Old City of Jerusalem
Islam anyone?
"Timeless Friend" - Ugur Yenigun
Faik, the Finike Magician
Selling Oil Tankers - Torlac Shipyard
Intifada Coffee Break
Sarah, Eli, and Milli in Haifa
At the Bilgin Bey mansion in Sapanca
Hau Tree Lanai - Honolulu

Leaving Manele Bay for Lahaina
Lecturing as usual in Maui
Exploring Lanai
Disembarking in Lahaina
Lost in the Iao Valley jungle
Waiting for the rescue
It's a celebration